Friederike Heine is a German performer, dancer and choreographer based between Berlin and Vienna. She has recently worked with artists such as Moritz Majce, Sandra Man, Adriana Cubides and Anne Collod and performed at Tanz im August, WUK performing arts, District Berlin and Parallel Vienna. Being interested in the meaning of responsibility on and off stage, she develops a platform of self-reflective structures and authentic speculations in her performances. Working around topics of authenticity and vulnerability was leading her to engage in questions how to define or redefine an individual female body. Her work explores relations between movement, vocal body and writing. Since her graduation from Alanus University for Art and Social Science and further studies at ROAR - Radical Journeys In Body, Dance And Performance Berlin and The World Is Sound program, she was Scholoarship Artist of Tanzquartier Wien.

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